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Creative Artist Solutions & Label Services Marketing Americana, Roots & Alt Country Music Since 2015.

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Compadre Music Co. is dedicated to providing dedicated artist & music industry-related consulting services and project management. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored, positive, and honest strategies and blueprints for artists in the Americana, Alt Country and Roots Music genres.

“Everything essentially starts with the artist,” explains Adam Simon, who, as the founder and head of Compadre has worked to develop a home for Americana, alt country and roots artists in the same way legendary labels like Sun Records, Stax and Monument were home for so many iconic artists.

“We have hundreds of potential artists and amazing albums released each month that deserve to be heard” Simon says. “While we can’t work with all of them, I believe that if we start by finding those artists that are capable of being unique and alternative, together we will build something that people who love music will react to and engage with.”

Who Is Compadre

Adam Simon

CEO & Founder

Throughout a career spanning three decades, Adam has gained extensive marketing and promotions experience, working with B2C clients like Sony, Warner Music, BMG-Arista, Universal Music, EMI, ABC Music, LiveGuide, NineMSN, Chaos Music and Borders.

In addition to Compadre, Adam co-founded and launched the Americana Music Association of Australia in 2016, initially serving as it’s Vice-President before accepting the role of President for the Association in 2017-2018, advocating for Americana artists locally in Australia and proudly represents the Association during regular trips to Nashville.


We Are Here For You

Compadre Music Co. works exclusively within the Americana, alt country and roots music genres to offer focused managed label services including digital and physical distribution, to developing direct to fan packages, release and promotional planning. Through our one on one consultation process, we work together with you to develop a tailored blueprint, allowing you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your music, while we take care of the rest.

If you need help implementing your action plan, our team stands ready to direct your tailored marketing and branding strategy, whether it is creating a clear artist identity, growing a productive online and social media presence, or building a plan for unique release, touring and marketing strategies.



At Compadre, we like to spend time with all of our artists to make a broad evaluation of your current profile, strengths, goals and opportunities, in order to work with you to create a customised action plan to take your music career to it’s full potential and the creative success you deserve.



Compadre’s label house is one of the more unique label opportunities in today’s music business landscape. We don’t offer huge advances, nor do we make unrealistic promises when it comes to making and selling your music. What we do offer is creative independence and full rights ownership. That’s right, we said full! Our formula for this is very simple. Your Music= Your Masters.

Online & Social


With so much social media in the modern music industry, we carefully work with you to develop an effective digital marketing blueprint to guide you every step of the way as you engage with your current fan base and find new and exciting ways to attract new fans every day.

Direct 2 Fan Marketing Strategies


Compadre Music Co. works with our artists to that build a direct to fan program that supports that creates interest in their music directly with their fans, identify those fans, market directly to and develop relationships with those fans, sell directly to fans and monetize those relationships, and use those relationships to expand their fan base.

Our Process

We Know Who You Are So We Can Help You Succeed

As part of the Compadre family, our team understands that a partnership with an artist isn’t all just business. It’s not just about creating the best tour, or releasing the number one album. Neither is it just about the music. ‘We Are Compadre’ is not only our creed, it’s our commitment to our artists, working so closely and on such a personal basis with artists that they really become involved in their clients lives…hence we use the word ‘family’ a lot when referring to our roster. And we truly believe that most problems can be solved over a bottle of red wine….or maybe two for some of life’s bigger problems.





The Compadre Music Co. team is dedicated to providing focused business management and producing opportunities for its family of artists. We ensure that there is a personal relationship between management and our artists, one that is born out of a reverence for resplendent music, then forming into a paramount level of commitment and respect for the business aspects of an artists’ creative career.

Compadre has the contacts, experience, and business insight required to help you navigate the music industry.


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Working exclusively in the alt country, roots and Americana genres has allowed Compadre Music Co. to develop a reputation as a team of professionals with passion, dedication and commitment to supporting artists in achieving their creative ambitions and potential.


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